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External Shielded SATA Data Cable (L-Type to L-Type), 1-Meter

Especially designed to fit Macintosh computers with restrictive PCI slot access, this 1-meter external shielded Serial ATA cable allows the use of external Serial ATA host adapters such as the SeriTek/1SE2, SeriTek/1VE4 and external enclosures with original-style "L-Type" Serial ATA receptacles.

Works with all PC and Macintosh computers, host adapters and hard drive enclosures with external shielded "L-Type" Serial ATA receptacles.

  • SeriTek/1SE2 Adapter (SATA-1SE2)
  • SeriTek/1VE4 Adapter (SATA-1VE4)
  • SeriTek/1VE2+2 Adapter (SATA-1VE2+2)
  • SeriTek/1EN2 Enclosure (SATA-1EN2)
  • SeriTek/1SEN2 Bundle (SATA-1SEN2)
  • SeriTek/1VEN2-1 Bundle (SATA-1VEN2-1)
  • SeriTek/1VEN2-2 Bundle (SATA-1VEN2-2)
  • SeriTek/1VEN2+2 Bundle (SATA-1VEN2+2)

SeriTek/1ESDC-1M: External SATA Cable (L-Type to L-Type) SATA-1ESDC-1MRegular price: $15.99Sale price: $9.99