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SeriTek/2SE4 4-Port Port Multiplier eSATA PCI-X Host Adapter with Full Boot Capability

Connect up to 20 Drives with Port Multiplier Support!

The SeriTek/2SE4 is compatible with PCI-X bus architecture systems like Apple's Macintosh G5. It is the only SATA controller card that offers full boot capability, allowing the fastest RAID configurations to include system operations. Four hot-swappable external SATA II ports enable individual drives or RAID arrays via built-in OS RAID 0/1 software. The card is NOT compatible with PCI-Express slots like those found in Quad- or Dual-Core G5s or in the Intel-based Mac Pro. See FirmTek's SeriTek/SME4-E for support of these systems.

Port Multiplication: The remarkable new port multiplier technology included in the SeriTek/2SE4 allows each physical eSATA port to access multiple devices at full speed and performance via port multiplier enclosures like FirmTek's new SeriTek/5PM.

SeriTek/2SE4 optimizes up to 5 drives per port by utilizing multiple lanes of the advanced PCI-Express bus architecture. When 20 high performance drives are configured in a RAID array, throughput can reach beyond 700Mb/sec, enabling up to four simultaneous HD video streams to be streamed directly to disk. Port multiplication also delivers much greater simplicity for standard applications, as a single cable connects the computer with up to five drives (previous technology required a separate cable for each external SATA drive). For more advanced applications it dramatically increases on-hand high-performance storage. With up to 20 RAID-configured drives connected simultaneously, accessible storage limits can be effectively eliminated for all but the most demanding applications.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Four eSATA external ports support hot-swapping of single and RAID volumes
  • Serial ATA port multiplier support; connect up 20 drives using enclosures such as the SeriTek/5PM
  • Plug-and-Play ease of use; completely self-contained booting functionality, no driver installation necessary
  • SATA II compliant, with auto-negotiation per-port data transfer of 1.5 Gbits/sec and 3.0 Gbits/sec
  • FIS-based native SATA I/O support; Connect up to 20 SATA hard drives (Note: Support for up to 20 drives requires an external enclosure built with a 5-port Port Multiplier like the FirmTek SeriTek/5PM. Use of enclosures without port multiplication, like SeriTek/2eEN4, will support up to 4 drives; each directly connected to a SeriTek/2SE4 port.)
  • Supports Mac OS X version 10.4.0 or later (Note: 10.4.6 or later is recommended, Max OS X versions 10.4.X and later have enhanced RAID capabilities)
  • Provides performance and data protection: Supports native OS X RAID 0/1; third-party Mac OS X RAID support; S.M.A.R.T. technology
  • Support Windows OS RAID and Linux
  • Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) support
  • Fully supports Apple native Mac OS X SATA implementation without SCSI emulation over SATA
  • Optimized support for Power Mac G5 PCI-X bus
  • PCI-X 1.0a compliant 64-bit at 133/100 MHz bus speeds
  • Flash-ROM; user-upgradeable firmware in minutes
  • 48-bit LBA support for drive sizes larger than 137GB
  • Bus master operation enhances CPU efficiency: The CPU is free to handle other tasks during data transfers between the PCI Bus and system memory
  • Ideal for the most demanding applications: Publishing, Audio/Video production, , photo/graphics storage/editing/publishing, servers, and gaming
Package Contents
  • SeriTek/2SE4 PCI-X adapter with four external eSATA I-Type connectors for Macintosh and PC computers
  • CD-ROM with user manual

Don't forget to order external shielded Serial ATA Cables!

This eSATA external host adapter does not include cables. Please order the appropriate number of external shielded SATA cables for your application:

  • If you wish to use this adapter with enclosures that utilize the original style L-Type Serial ATA connectors, order the SATA-SeriTek/I2L-1M eSATA/I-Type to L-Type cable.
  • If you wish to use this adapter with newer enclosures that support the latest eSATA I-Type connectors, order the SATA-SeriTek/I2IESDC-1M eSATA to eSATA cable.

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