SeriTek/I2L-1M External Shielded eSATA/I-Type to Original/L-Type Style Cable

This cable incorporates the latest Serial ATA eSATA data connector on one end, and the original style Serial ATA connector on the other end. It allows you to match the latest host adapters and enclosures which have the new eSATA "I-Type" receptacle with host adapters and enclosures that have the original "L-type" style receptacle.

SATA I and SATA II compatible - reliably supports transfer rates of up to 3Gbps.

Works with all PC and Macintosh computers, host adapters and hard drive enclosures with external shielded Serial ATA receptacles.

  • All SeriTek and other third party Serial ATA devices with shielded SATA connectors.
  • For use when needing to connect newer eSATA/I-type devices to original L-type SATA devices

SeriTek/I2L-1M: External Shielded eSATA to Original Style Cable (I-Type to L-Type) SeriTek/I2L-1M$22.99