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SeriTek/2SE2-E PCI Express (PCIe) Serial ATA Adapter.

Compatible with PCIe equipped Mac Pro, Dual-Core G5,
and PC Windows computers

Supports the Latest I-Type eSATA Connectors

The SeriTek/2SE2-E is a Serial ATA host adapter fully compatible with the new PCI Express bus architecture found in Apple's latest Mac Pro, Dual-Core G5 Macintosh and newer PC computers. Offering two external SATA II ports at up to 3 gigabits per second, the card enables individual drives or RAID arrays to be fully utilized as high-performance storage on Mac Pro, Dual-Core G5 systems. With FirmTek's established hot-swap compatibility, users can easily move these drives or volumes from one system to another, providing maximum flexibility and security.

The SeriTek/2SE2-E is designed to work with PCI Express equipped Mac Pro, Dual-Core G5 Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Two external ports with hot-swap capability
  • Supports Sil-3726 based Port Multiplier (PM) enclosures
  • Plug-and-Play ease of use, completely self-contained functionality, no driver installation necessary
  • Provides 3G chipset with RAID 0 performance as high as 150-170MB/s
  • Compatible with PCI Express (PCIe) equipped Mac Pro, Dual-Core G5 and PC Windows/Linux computers
  • Supports Mac OS X version 10.4.0 or later (10.4.6 or later is recommended), Windows 2000/XP/2003, Linux
  • Provides performance and protection: native and third-party Mac OS X RAID support
  • Ideal for multimedia-intensive applications: audio/video capture and editing, and graphics manipulation/publishing
  • User-upgradeable firmware
  • 48-bit LBA support for drive sizes larger than 137GB
  • Bus master operation enhances multitasking during disk transfers and increases CPU efficiency: The CPU is free to handle other tasks during data transfers between the PCI-Express Bus and system memory
  • Data protection: Supports Mac OS X RAID, S.M.A.R.T.
  • Reduced setting on storage devices (no master/slave) means easier installation and replacement
Package Contents
  • SeriTek/2SE2-E PCI Express (PCIe) adapter with two external eSATA I-Type connectors for Macintosh and PC computers
  • CD-ROM with user manual and drivers

Don't forget to order external shielded Serial ATA Cables!

This ExpressCard/34 external host adapter does not include cables. Please order the appropriate number of external shielded SATA cables for your application:

  • If you wish to use this adapter with enclosures that utilize the original style L-Type Serial ATA connectors, order the SATA-SeriTek/I2L-1M eSATA/I-Type to L-Type cable.
  • If you wish to use this adapter with newer enclosures that support the latest eSATA I-Type connectors, order the SATA-SeriTek/I2IESDC-1M eSATA to eSATA cable.

The SeriTek/2ES2-E PCI Express adapter is also available as a specially priced bundle with the SeriTek/2EN2 enclosure.

Note: If the card will be used with a PC in a RAID configuration please insert the code "PC RAID Firmware Requested" in the comments section of the order form. Thank you!

SeriTek/2SE2-E: External PCI Express (PCIe) 2-Port Adapter with eSATA Connectors SATA-2SE2-E$99.95